Gerber Michael. Books online.

Gerber Michael. Books online.

As Chairman and CEO of The E-Myth Academy – one of America’s most renowned consulting and training organizations – Michael Gerber pioneered methodologies for improving the performance and productivity of businesses, managers and salespeople..

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The book explains why most small businesses do not work, and what needs to be done to get results. This is a book about building a business that works!

Based on his seventeen years of experience, the experience of thousands of US small business owners, author, renowned American attorney, founder and president of the company «Gerber Business Development Corporation» (Gerber Business Development Corporation), the purpose of which is to assist entrepreneurs in creating small businesses, as well as owners of existing firms, analyzes the main mistakes and causes of failures of small businesses, builds models of behavior of

a person who decides to start a business and his future enterprise, gives practical recommendations.

The book by Michael Gerber, widely regarded as a leading small business expert, provides a fresh perspective on the challenges of organizing and growing small businesses. The author shows how generally accepted stereotypes can hinder a successful business, leads his readers through the main stages of development of a small enterprise – from foundation and formation to maturity..

The description of franchising technologies for increasing the efficiency and predictability of business is of great interest. The book is very enlivened by dialogues with a young woman entrepreneur, who in an understandable form teach how to properly organize, develop and improve their business, without changing their usual way of life..

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